QuickBooks Version Selection


Choose the most popular version of America's #1 small business financial software. It is so efficient; it will give you back your time so you can easily stay on top of your business.

  • Organize your finances all in one place
  • Immediately know where you're making money or not
  • Be ready at tax time with full & accurate reports
  • Instantly create invoices and manage expenses

QUICKBOOKS PREMIER QuickBooks Premier offers solutions for you to choose from, each with industry-specific features, customized reporting, valuable planning and forecasting tools. QuickBooks Premier helps you track every dollar in and out of your business, so your business is more profitable.

Designed for builders, to help you document and track change orders, track subcontractor general liability and progressively bill clients by job phase.

Manufacturing & Wholesaler
Designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to manage inventory costs, track customer orders, manage pending builds & assemblies and adjust price levels by item.

Professional Services
Designed for consultants, attorneys and engineers to easily track time, monitor client specific expenses and set billing rates by employee client or service.

Point Of Sale - Retailers
Designed for brick and mortar stores and online retailers with point-of-sale hardware and software, live inventory tracking and credit card processing.

Non Profit
Designed for 501(c) (3) organizations to generate nonprofit-specific reports that track program budgets, donations and create professional correspondence with contributors.

QUICKBOOKS FOR MAC Grow your business with America's #1 small business financial software. It's built for Mac users by Mac users, with the ease of use you need to focus on making money.

  • Made for the Mac, with the simplicity you expect
  • Create invoices, pay bills, and manage expenses in minutes
  • Be ready at tax time with complete & accurate records
  • Grow your business with QuickBooks.

Referral Program

To participate in the Ochoa QuickBooks Consulting Referral program all you need to do is refer your family, friends or business acquaintances that may be looking for Accounting and Bookkeeping Services or any of the Other Services that we provide. If your referrals sign up for our services, you get paid!

Quickbooks Set Up

Software Installation and Configuration

After your software version has been selected, we can help you with the installation option: standard, multi-user Host, Server. 

Initial Company File Set Up and Customization

The Company Files is the data file that QuickBooks uses to store and manage all the information and financial transactions for your business. 

Setting up your company file property is the most important thing you can do to have QuickBooks help you manage your business efficiently.  Depending on the complexity of your business, completing your company setup can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.  The amount of time varies based on how much detail you add about your accounts, customers, vendors, employees, products and services, as well as the number of historical transactions you want to enter.

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Quickbooks Training

Training Session for Individual or Group

This course is an introduction on how to use QuickBooks to best meet the needs of your business. The main objective is to introduce you to QuickBooks’s basic features and give you an opportunity for hands-on practice. You will learn about the types of information you need to track in your business, and how to enter that information and track it in QuickBooks. By the end of the day, you will have a good idea of how an accounting software package can save time and help organize business finances. When you are ready to use QuickBooks, you will be familiar with the most common tasks and will know where to find information about more advanced features.

Individual TrainingWhy choose one-on-one training class?

  • We come to your location.
  • We focus on the individual issues facing your business.
  • We will be there to answer your specific questions and concerns.
  • No need to spend time on features that don't impact your business!
  • We can also provide personal training to your employees to maximize QuickBooks specifically for your business!


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Bookkeeping for Small Business and Non-Profit

Accounting Diagnostic and Tune Up

Whether you need to prepare for tax time, a financial review or you just need to clean up some problems areas; a QuickBooks Tune Up is a smart and affordable way to get a handle on your books.  I can help you clean up and organize your QuickBooks Accounting System.


General Review of Accounting Procedures

General Ledger Maintenance

Business transactions are to be properly classified into appropriate accounting heads according to the accounting standards and the applicable legal provisions. Our use of comprehensive general ledger accounting software supports consolidated financial reporting across organizational lines. By generating the required information to manage your business, it provides an accurate picture of your organizations income and eliminates the possibility of being exposed to fines and penalties.

Account Receivable

Inaccurate statements create cash flow peaks and troughs. By utilizing unique account receivable processes and procedures combined with the latest technology solutions, we process checks, post payments, transfer funds, and even provide digital images quickly and accurately.

Account Payable Management

By utilizing unique processes coupled with the latest technology solutions including imaging and automated workflow, our accounting experts provide you with timely and accurate financial information and analysis critical to strategic decision-making. Our bookkeeping services support receipt and management of paper-based payable documents including sort, batch preparation, scanning, and document storage and retrieval.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

Bank Account and Credit Card Reconciliation is an absolute necessity for businesses as they make deposits and receive many receipts from their customers on a regular basis. Our bookkeeping services check the accuracy of your bank or credit card statement details, payments made into your account and withdrawals from your account to tell you whether your books agree with your bank or credit card balance. We provide a wide variety of reports reflecting debit and credit activity, and exceptions that have occurred on the account.

Income Statements, Balance Sheet, G/L

Customize Business Management Reports and Template

Spreadsheet Charts Royalty ...One of QuickBooks’ most robust features is its ability to generate data-rich reports about your business.  Everything you enter in QuickBooks can be found and generated into a report.  QuickBooks comes with dozens of prepared reports that you can run, once you have found a report, you can change its date range, customize the way it looks, print, export or memorized it.

Cash Flow

Every business needs cash to survive – to pay suppliers, employees and bills. For most businesses, the need for cash increases as the business grows. So it’s crucial to monitor the flow of cash from your customers to you, and from you to your suppliers and employees.
To fulfill your business plans, you must take account of the flow of cash in and out of your business; ensuring cash is available when needed to operate; or to ensure you can make timely arrangements for credit. In all areas of the business, especially with cash flow, it’s vital to act on the most up-to-date information. It’s not only key to running a successful business, it’s key to staying in business.  Cash flow analysis should not be confused with your profit & loss (P&L) accounts.

Filing System

Our experience can help you design your Filing Services; we create, customize and organize your physical accounting information in a unit system just for your company’s needs.



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Online Bookkeping

Remote Access Support

Remote access support allows us to "see" your problem firsthand, rather than being dependent on a verbal description.  With this internet-based remote support solution we send you an email, you click on a link and within seconds we can view and control your QuickBooks file -- diagnosing and fixing your problems real-time with hands-on support. 
Eliminates the cost to you of our travel onsite for most problems -- and avoids the frustrating back-and-forth communication of possible fixes over the phone.

Update your Books Online

You send us the Source Documents.  Scan the documents and email them to our email maria@ochoaquickbooksconsulting.com before 5:00 p.m.

We connect to your computer via internet securely.  Our bookkeeper connects via internet to your computer using a remote desktop service as GoToMyPC or LogMeIn.

We update the Books and Logout.  You come to office the next morning and find the books updated!

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Financial Coaching

If you are like many people, you are in the dark about your finances. You pay your bills each month and do your best to prepare for the future. But the truth is, there is only so much money to go around and preparing for the future can be overwhelming.
We can help families better understand their personal finances, we offers The Personal Financial Analysis that gives a detailed overview of your current financial situation and suggests a personalized strategy for your financial security. The PFA is totally Complimentary (at no cost), Confidential (in your house or office) and Customized (with your own information).
Act right now for A New Way to Live Life, in a different light, without debts or financial worries, where you have freedom to do what and when you wan and you feel good about what you do every day.

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Marketing Services

Marketing is simply defined as the discipline of connecting producers of a product or service with customers. Our highly differentiated roster of “start to finish” services have been instrumental in successfully launching new companies, new products and new services, repositioning brands, revitalizing sales and growing market share.  

  • Strategic Planning.
  • Brand Development.
  • Advertising.
  • Sales Material.
  • We Programs.
  • Corporate Identity.
  • Market Research.
  • Point of Sale Material.
  • Special Events/Shows.


Markets change & Companies Evolve.
Our planning process speeds the development of a strategic business plan that connects core competencies, purchasing triggers and market intelligence to create a clear sense of direction and purpose for your company.

First, we hand pick the project team. Then we deploy a proven project management system to guide the on-going implementation of all marketing programs, complete with quality control, timeline, budget and program tracking mechanisms.  

:::: Strategic Planning ::::
A highly collaborative, market tested business plan is developed that details the milestones, programs and resources required to meet your revenue and market share goals. Branding

:::: Brand Development ::::
Our brand creation gets to the heart of what makes your company successful - building the perception in the marketplace that you are better than anyone else at delivering what your customers want. Marketing

:::: Marketing Center ::::
We take an active role in expanding your business, from product development and pricing strategies to strategic partnerships and aggressive business development activities.  

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